birth smarter

not harder

we teach women the foundations of their pelvic health during pregnancy to set them up for a positive birth and healing experience postpartum

prepare your pelvic floor for birth course - the perfect balance of practical and theory to feel at ease in your birth

A photo of pelvic physios Laura and Nadia of Birthwell in a studio for Pregnancy and Birth Prep Course Ontario

pregnancy and birth prep

learn from pelvic health professionals about

preparing a birth plan

connecting to your pelvic floor

labour positions and strategies

breathing techniques for pushing

0 to 6 week postpartum guidelines

pain management techniques for labour

managing common pregnancy conditions

perinatal mental health screening

supplies for the hospital or birth centre

and so much more!

about nadia and laura

pelvic health physiotherapists for pregnancy and birth prep

Nadia, pelvic physio, holding a pelvis model

nadia sethi

nadia is a pelvic health physiotherapist with 7 years of experience. she has always been interested in women’s health and specifically pre and postnatal care.

Laura, pelvic physio, holding a pelvis model

laura holland

laura is a pelvic health physiotherapist with 5 years of experience. she believes that pelvic floor concerns should be openly discussed and not just written off as “normal”.

work with us

feel confident going into your birth

A pregnant woman holding her belly with both of her hands

online course

sign up to take a 6 module course to learn about all things pregnancy and birth prep

ebook guide

this comprehensive 145 page ebook will cover everything you need to know for pregnancy and birth prep
BirthWell Ebook - Prepare Your Pelvic Floor for Birth Cover

get the support you need

no matter where you are in your journey

  • pregnancy
  • birth
  • postpartum


Learn how to manage common pregnancy conditions and connect to your pelvic floor and core during our live online course. You will learn proactive exercises for your inner core, how to improve pregnancy related pain, and how to optimize bowel and bladder health during pregnancy.



You and your partner will learn how to prepare for birth in our live online course. Understand how to manage labour, prepare for pushing, and how your partner can support you during birthing.



Learn how to manage the first 0 to 6 weeks postpartum in our live online course. We teach subjects such as how to recover from a vaginal or cesarean birth, return to exercise postpartum, and how to manage common postpartum symptoms.

birthwell is based in kitchener-waterloo but we serve women globally! distance does not have to be a boundary to getting the care and attention you deserve for a smooth pregnancy and birth

we are founded on the belief that all women should be provided with knowledge, comfort, and confidence to birth smarter, not harder


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